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Dr. Jean Marie Farish presented with a THANK YOU poster by UMMC staff featuring highlights of our 7 month educational and cultural enrichment program at UMMC Children's Hospital for children, family, staff and caregivers. This project was implemented in partnership with the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Click here to view the Healing Arts Project Powerpoint presentation.


"Enriching Lives and Serving Our Community"

Transform Your Community through Service and the Arts

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1. Organize with purpose

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5. Execute your plan


-Laughter Is Healing article by Dr. Jean Farish featured in the Meridian Star

TESTIMONIALS From Sponsored Projects:

As an educator, professional artist, and children's book illustrator, I have spent thousands of hours with children motivating them to be creative and how art can enrich their lives. I was honored when Dr. Jean Farish invited me to spend time with children of the Children's Hospital in Jackson. I knew this would give these children, their parents and relatives, a brief time to have some fun by learning what an artist does. It was good to see the smiles on their faces. Thank you, Prime Time Family Time PEP For Angels Cultural Arts Festival for giving me this opportunity. I want to also commend you on your dedication to enriching the lives of so many people through your organization. You are to be commended on your professionalism. Your attention to details, constant contact with me and the Children's Hospital made my presentation easy. Thanks again. --Rick Anderson, Educator, Artist and Children's Book Illustrator

I have the opportunity as a storyteller to perform before thousands of people each year. But one of my favorite performances was for the Prime Time Family Time Storytelling series. What a pleasure to bring smiles and laughter to these young heroes. I truly believe in the healing power of stories. I am grateful to be a part of such a powerful program--Terrence Roberts, Literary Drama Artist (Da Story Weaver)

Storytelling for the children at Batson Children's Hospital was an eye-opening experience. Yes, everyone is aware of the wonderful work done at the hospital but until one witnesses the love, the patience, and the true joy expressed by staff and as well by the children will the true story of the hospital be now. It takes special kind-hearted people. On my day at the hospital, I brought, in addition to my storytelling, an arts project. It was making Valentines and the children were so involved that it touched my heart. And as a storyteller who travels the State of Mississippi sharing my narratives, I was very impressed. The children were good listeners and were not bored or antsy but were truly engaged with my stories. I want to thank Dr. Jean Farish for this important work, bringing the arts into Batson Children's Hospital and I was thrilled to be a part of the program. --Annie Brooks McKee, Literary Drama Artist, The Rose Hill Company

Being able to participate in PEP For Angels Cultural Arts Festival was a life changing experience for me as an artist. The children were amazing and I was thrilled with their interest in the instruments (guitar and ukulele) and wanting to learn more about them and how they worked. Including many age levels at times can be tricky, bu in this environment, having diverse ages worked well. The staff and the PEP For Angels Director were helpful and their participation was crucial to the group. This initiative, in my opinion was successful and I would love to see it expanded into different areas of health and recovery systems.--Richelle Putnam, MS Arts Commission Roster/Teaching Artist; MS Humanities Speaker

I enjoyed telling stories last February at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital. Jen Farish is not only a creative thinker, but an organized one as well! An out of the box thinker, she has exceptional follow-through skills and is eager to work with others to make a difference! Thank you, Jean, for coordinating the work you do to bless others at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital--Doris F. Jones, Literary Drama Artist Storyteller

The opportunity afforded me to interact with the children at Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital was rewarding on many levels. My typical storytelling and reading experiences are with children in library and school settings so it is a rare treat for me to read to and to teach children with parents and health care professionals present. The children seemed very excited to be involved in hands-on learning with the magnifying lenses. I know from my own experience having my children being in the hospital that it can be a challenging time to keep children's spirits up and I appreciated the opportunity to bring a new experience to the children at Batson--

Sarah Campbell, Literary Drama Artist and Author

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