"The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet." --Lao Tzu
"We are seasoned travelers of the labryinth.  Losing our way and finding 
our way.  Traveling on the beaten path and the road less traveled. 
Eventually finding our way home to the place of spiritual rest and fulfillment.'


Begin by closing your eyes.  Breathe deeply...inhaling and exhaling slowly.  Notice the rhythm of your breath...releasing all the tension from your body.  Gently let go of your thoughts of what you did today, failed to do and must do.  Imagine  yourself enraptured in a beautiful meadow.  Smell the fragrance of the flowers. Feel the warmth of the sun shining on your face and the gentle breeze of the wind.   In your hand, you are holding an assortment of colorful balloons.  Release each one as you let go of your thoughts.  Feel your body getting lighter and lighter. You are relaxed and free.  Gently bring your awareness to your heart.  Feel the presence of divine love within radiating  throughout your  entire body.  Now extend this love to all creation.  Set your intentions for inner peace and love each moment of the day.  Now, take a few deep breaths...bring your awareness back to your body.  You are more alert and aware.  Express gratitude for all your blessings and know that all is well.  And so it is!