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Spiritual Journey to Leh ( Ladakh, India) in the Himalayas

INDIA: A Journey Inward 

by Dr. Jean Marie Farish

Dr. Jean Marie captures highlights of memorable moments and lessons learned during her transformational journey 'Blessings of Maitreya' to Leh (Ladakh India) in the high and pristine Himalayas in the Buddhist province in Northern India with Judy Satori. ncluding visits to ancient monasteries, Mohabodhi Retreat Center, trent living in Nubra Valleny, sacred initiations and so much more.

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Something Happened Talk Show

Dr. Jean Marie Farish, Guest on

Something Happened "It's All About Love", June 21, 2022 (Live On Demand)

SHE Network- Empowering Women to Rise

Dr. Jean Marie Farish, Featured Guest

"She's Made For Love" with June Joy Leng (Malaysia)

Day 7 of the Transformation Summit. Wise Women Rising For Embodied Change!


Dr. Jean Marie Farish

-What it means to Love Wholeheartedly

-How to accept yourself with love and self-compassion

-The Power of a new chapter and a new beginning

Day 7 of the Transformation Summit. Wise Women Rising For Embodied Change!


Dr. Jean Marie Farish

-What it means to Love Wholeheartedly

-How to accept yourself with love and self-compassion

-The Power of a new chapter and a new beginning

Online Classes 

Online classes offered at Millsaps College Community Enrichment Program.

Living in the Spirit of Love 

                                                                     Book Review and Testimonial

"Dr. Jean Marie Farish's book, "Living in the Spirit of Love" was just what I needed during this period of my life. I've always been a seeker of truth and the book expanded my knowledge on LOVE emphasizing it as "Our Natural State of Being". The book also magnified the truth about LOVE in a way that helps the reader to understand that LOVE starts with you and your self-care. I now understand that you really can't love anyone properly until you truly learn to love yourself. It offered a framework that empowered me with knowledge how to grow and choose LOVE on a daily basis."-Anonymous

We're All in This Together: Embrace One Another 

Love Mastery Devotion Journal 

Dr. Jean Marie Farish and 17 #1 International Best-Selling Co-Authors offer insights on how to cope and thrive in the world as we know it currently, while also sharing personal anecdotes of strength and resilience in the new bestseller "Be Love: A Conscious Shift to Birthing the Future." Dr. Farish is a Board Member and Member of the Bestselling Authors International Organization. Visit Dr. Farish spent a career in higher education as a Department Chair and counseling professor in higher education, and served as a Rehabilitation Counselor Practitioner, Vocational Expert, and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

YouTube Link...

Global Radio Interview On-Demand Be Love: A Conscious Shift to Birthing the Future



Dr. Jean Marie Farish showcased on Bestselling Authors International Organization (BAI)


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VoiceAmerica World Talk Radio Empowerment Show Testimonials

VoiceAmerica Press Blog

LOVE LIGHT Guest Debbie Johnson, Renown Psychic/Medium,

'The Angelic Love Connection'

"I have witnessed Jean as a lightworker and healer of the purest heart. She has a true desire to help the world with her own magical way of delivering heavenly messages. I have also had the pleasure of working with Jean on her VoiceAmerica Show and found her to be a compassionate listener and interview host who really understood the topic. She took the time to be very thorough and sincere in her approach. I highly recommend her as both a lightworker and a leader of lightworkers." -Debbie Johnson 


As a truth seeker and over the course of my life, I asked my self a series of existential questions, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is the purpose of my life?” Being profoundly grateful for achieving personal milestones and meeting society’s definition and linear path to success and happiness, I became disillusioned, empty and discontent with a poignant realization… there has to be more to life than this. I was an avid reader and books of wisdom found their way into my hands and heart while cruising antique shops, browsing airport bookstores; and words of wisdom by authentic masters. After sustaining a series of losses and changes in my life with compounded feelings of unworthiness that catapulted me into the dark night of the soul, I found myself while on a six-months life-changing journey to the Pearl of the Orient, Malaysia. Love is our power and being authentic is truly the way to overcome our struggles.

Years of serving as a counselor practitioner and life care coach, training in psychology and rehabilitation, and personal life challenges have been applied to spiritual principles that changed my life and helped others. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about love affect all areas of our lives. My mission is to help you strengthen and embody the practice of love, become authentic in your feelings and expressions of love, and create heart to heart connections to live an empowered, healthy and fulfilling life. If you have checked out on life because of life situations and disempowering thoughts and feelings that have you believing ...

I am not good enough. I don't matter. I am undeserving of love

"I am wounded and fearful self" into "I am love and fearless power self."

We are worthy and love is our natural state of being.

Inspiration for children can be found in the #1 international bestseller, My Joy Journal, in English and Spanish, co-authored with Viki Winterton. I invite you to celebrate the launching of my upcoming book,

“LIVING IN THE SPIRIT OF LOVE: Our Natural State of Being” If you are trying to get boosted off on engines that have no spark or traveling down the same outworn road with the same negative results, our Lover's Lane FEEL GOOD NOW! Facebook Community can jump start you and put you on the road to recovery. The Love Cocktail Minute: Relax Refresh Renew provides uplifting daily inspiration to keep us moving forward with the power of LOVE!

Be the ripple effect for change, "Each One Reach One Teach One." I’ll see you there!

Award winning and International Bestselling Author


Love Light Coach

"Wholehearted Connections Through Worthiness"

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This silk baju karong is the traditional Malaysian batik cultural attire -an ancient textile art genuinely handmade and hand drawn from Kelantin along the east coast historically acclaimed for the ancient art.

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Sites along Mekong with Sam & Susie

Heritage Festival Penang

Capturing Cultural Events

My Farewell Love Story

Dato' Anwar Fazal and Satnum

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